What drives us.

Hotels are our passion.


From the legendary grand hotels to iconic establishments for the jet set and luxury hideaways, many of the most well-placed hotels in the industry bear Brumann’s creative design signature.

And naturally that’s something of which we are proud. But the most wonderful and important project for us is always the one on which our creative team and business people, architects and skilled craftspeople are currently working.

Because hotels are our passion, and have been for decades. Because nowhere are there such close links between emotions and success as in the hotel industry. And because hardly any other project requires such a wide range of creative, planning and commercial skills.

Brumann combines all these competencies into a holistic service. Because we want to inspire not only your guests, but also you, our client.

Our mission


As designers of creative hotel interiors, we are visionaries and storytellers. In each hotel we present a completely new, fascinating story, using high-quality materials and traditional craftsmanship to create an aesthetic look that your guests will experience as a warm, embracing welcome. This is what distinguishes our interior design – and turns your hotel into an unforgettable destination.


As experienced planners and responsible business people, we develop planning for all phases of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and interior finishing so that no questions remain unanswered and all your wishes are fulfilled. At the same time, we achieve a perfect balance between our high quality standards and your budget and deadlines, through precise, formally binding estimates and our strong procurement position.


We are experienced construction and project managers, and assume responsibility for smooth implementation. In this, we have a large network of highly skilled craftspeople available to support us with each new contract. On site, we take responsibility for directing, managing and coordinating all works and trades, finding solutions for unforeseen events and delivering as reliable contact partners. In our quality control, we have a simple formula – we are only satisfied when you are.

Our philosophy

Contemporary, elegant and high-quality.

As passionate designers, we are perfectionists. The concept, interior design and quality of execution are just as important to your guests’ hotel experience as the service provided. Our aim is therefore to design a high-value, durable interior incorporating the highest levels of comfort and innovative details, that will continue to make a lasting impression.

Our storytelling language is warm and emotive – its message is elegant and powerful, with imagery from the genius loci, the spirit of the place. High-quality materials, iconic forms and high standards of craftsmanship enable us to create fascinating spatial experiences with contemporary elegance.

Our location

Ascheberg near Muenster in Germany.

Our design teams find inspiration from all over the world. But the heart of Brumann's creativity is in Ascheberg near Muenster.

Behind the heritage-listed brick façade and in the new building adjoining is our inspirational workplace. Light, airy and full of atmosphere, a place where ideas have room to grow.

Our history

From skilled craftspeople to hotel planners.


The roots of our family business are in skilled craftsmanship – the company was originally founded as a joinery, four generations and almost 150 years ago. One of the company’s great strengths was its meticulous work on delicate filigree furniture, and over time it increasingly specialised in providing high-quality skilled work for the finishing of hotel interiors.

The company moved on from this to interior design in the 1980s. Under the leadership of specialist interior designer Paul Brumann, the focus shifted to developing holistic interior concepts for top-of-the-range hotels.

Today, for investors and hoteliers, Brumann is the ideal partner for every stage of top-quality hotel design – from creative planning to the implementation of the entire technical and interior finishing.

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