Hotel architecture that delights and inspires.

Today more than ever before, the success of a hotel is based on an original architectural design. Your guests want much more than a pleasant stay and friendly service: They are after a complete, all-round experience.

You want your new interiors to raise the bar in terms of form and function, and to delight and inspire your guests – today and tomorrow. But they should also make life easier for your staff, with smart solutions that save time and effort. And refurbishment work should not impact your day-to-day business. How can we meet these imperatives while ensuring the project stays within budget?

  • End-to-end solutions from
    a single source.

    It takes vast experience to tick all these boxes.

    After all, however captivating your design, if it proves far more expensive to implement than expected, you’ve completely missed the mark. And a misjudgement of this kind can cost you dearly – in terms of time and money. 

    That’s why we take total responsibility for your project from the earliest sketches to the final handshake. What sets our work apart are our out-of-the-ordinary ideas and meticulous attention to detail. At the same time, we keep our feet firmly on the ground: meeting your deadlines and staying within your budget is our top priority from the word go.

  • To achieve your project aims, you must reconcile diverse requirements. This balancing act is an art – one that we have learned to master.
    We never provide off-the-peg solutions, but align our designs and execution work with your project’s unique needs.

We are hiring:

• Calculator
• Purchaser Carpenter Goods
• Purchaser
• Woodwork Technician
• Site manager
• Architect/Interior Designer

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We build:

*****Hotel Intercontinental Berlin, renovation, 558 rooms/suites, lobby and reception

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We present:

***** Grand Hotel Steigenberger Petersberg, complete renovation of 120 rooms/suites and public areas

>> project details

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