Outstanding: *****Grand Hotel Steigenberger Petersberg, Königswinter/Bad Godesberg

From 1949 to 1952 seat of the Allied High Commission. From 1955 to 1969 and from 1990 to 2004 guest house of the Federal Republic of Germany. Visitors and their entourage, from Emperor Haile Selassie, Queen Elisabeth and Brezhnev to the Clintons, the Gorbachevs and Kofi Annan. With auxiliary buildings for the Federal Border Guard and the BKA (Federal Criminal Police) and its own helicopter pad. This representative ensemble on 109 hectares high above the Rhine breathes history. Owned by the Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA), the facility has been managed by the Steigenberger Group since 1990.

On behalf of the BImA (Institute for Federal Real Estate), Brumann  Innenraumkonzepte is currently updating this historic property to the latest standards of the exclusive luxury hotel sector - within a year, its lobby, banquet rooms and restaurants as well as 120 rooms and suites will be completely modernised and renovated. It is also necessary to implement faithfully the requirements of the protection of historic buildings for the grounds, the building silhouette and parts of the building.

This site is also very special for a company like Brumann Innenkonzepte with experience in the top international hotel industry. We are very pleased to work with this historically special place - and to enjoy the phenomenal view of the Rhine all the more during those infrequent work breaks.

We are hiring:

• Calculator
• Woodwork Technician
• Site manager

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We plan:

*****Hotel Intercontinental Berlin, renovation, 558 rooms/suites, lobby and reception

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We present:

***** Grand Hotel Steigenberger Petersberg, complete renovation of 120 rooms/suites and public areas

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