Update: ****Grand Hotel Atlantic, Bremen

We are delighted that in January 2018 we were given the go ahead to transform our interior vision into reality. The 2016/17 design and planning phase has ultimately resulted in the construction of a showroom and this is now going "into production".

We are currently completely re-fitting 100 rooms and the fitness area – and this will be finished in 2018. Since the roots of our business lie in sophisticated furniture making, this is one task which really is to our liking! And since we are there, there is an opportunity to give parts of the public areas of the existing building a fresh coat of paint.

We are hiring:

• Calculator
• Woodwork Technician
• Site manager

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We plan:

*****Hotel Intercontinental Berlin, renovation, 558 rooms/suites, lobby and reception

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We present:

***** Grand Hotel Steigenberger Petersberg, complete renovation of 120 rooms/suites and public areas

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