Update: Nikko Hotel Düsseldorf

“konnichi-wa” in Düsseldorf

The Japanese and the German cultures are closely related yet there are also great differences. For instance, due to the geographical conditions, there is limited space on the four islands that form Japan. This is also true of the rooms at the Nikko Hotel in the Japanese district of Düsseldorf. However, a west-east dialogue was achieved with our new renovation of 230 of the 386 rooms which fulfilled the many demands of Asian as well as European travellers.

The highest functionality, pleasurable comfort and timeless, cross-cultural aesthetics: These were the requirements which our interior architecture fulfilled in the implementation of the construction designs. These capture the Japanese approach of reduced form, the minimalist yet completely thought out design in the planning of the spatial concept - and it is precisely this internationally oriented flexibility in planning that manifests sustainability and efficiency in an increasingly globally organised hotel architecture.

White lacquered surfaces, dark-stained oak wood, gentle earth tones and marble accents in the restrooms: These are the aesthetic guidelines of the rooms consequently renovated within 9 months which implement Japanese simplicity with European materials.

For Brumann, the final sprint begins with the completion of the first construction phase: In 2019, we will convert existing office spaces in additional rooms and modernise portions of the restaurant and the conference rooms.

We are hiring:

• Calculator
• Woodwork Technician
• Site manager

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We plan:

*****Hotel Intercontinental Berlin, renovation, 558 rooms/suites, lobby and reception

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We present:

***** Grand Hotel Steigenberger Petersberg, complete renovation of 120 rooms/suites and public areas

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