Update Nov. 2018: Marriott Stuttgart-Sindelfingen

4 Stars for Stuttgart: ****Marriott Stuttgart-Sindelfingen

A successful symbiosis of inviting comfort and inspiring architecture: This was the theme of our renovation plan for the Marriott Stuttgart-Sindelfingen. The new lobby, lounge and bar are now completed, and the concept is a 100% success.

The public areas are housed within a generously dimensioned space on the ground floor of the four-star establishment. The special feature is the height of this space which is framed by a gallery level: Above this, a glass roof opens to the sky and floods the room with daylight. This advantage, - though there are many lobbies without natural light - however, presents special challenges for the interior design because creating a secure sense of space in this expanse also depends on convincingly incorporating the enormous height into the design.

Our design relies on the structuring power of the lines. With vertical, lengthy oak squared timbers, partition walls, dividing elements and shelves, we emphasise the generous height of the building while a supporting structure painted in graphite subdivides the airspace on the horizontal plane. This is how the architecture stresses the characteristics of the lobby, its height, expanse and generousness - and, at the same time, succeeds in conveying security, intimacy and warmth.

Furniture and floorings divide the enormous floor surface into functional islands: Organically shaped chairs form intimate seating groups with half-rounded upholstered benches. Comfortable egg chairs in front of ceiling-high shelves in the library invite people to sit and read. The suspending lighting, wood and warm leather in the bar create a relaxed urban setting for a drink after work.

Last but not least, these smaller-scale areas are accentuated by sophisticated, indirect lighting concepts that highlight the structures and the rhythm of the interior architecture.

The Marriott management, employees and guests are elated by the successful results that we were able to realise within the budget and on time as the planner and general contractor of the project. Now we’ll be focusing on the final construction phase of the conversion and renovation of the restaurant and buffet area: This project will be completed in the first half of 2019 and will give business and private travellers a harmonious, comfortable and contemporary sense of well-being in the Swabian auto city.

We are hiring:

• Calculator
• Woodwork Technician
• Site manager

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We plan:

*****Hotel Intercontinental Berlin, renovation, 558 rooms/suites, lobby and reception

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We present:

***** Grand Hotel Steigenberger Petersberg, complete renovation of 120 rooms/suites and public areas

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