Welcome to Team Brumann.

Take part in realising hotels with us all over Europe.

It takes a great deal of expertise and a good brain to make a hotel an unforgettable experience. And it requires passion. That is our common driver:


Being open to new things. Being full of ideas. Seeing solutions rather than problems. Relishing challenges – and overcome them.

Artisan skills

Creating sustainable values. Cultivating traditions. Appreciating progress. And being proud of what we have achieved.


Working well and happily together. Perfecting ideas. Moving things forward. Talking, laughing – and celebrating successes.

Your team.

A family company.
A company family.

Growing. Together.

When you join us, we’ll support you with everything you need to do a really good job. You’ll receive thorough induction training – and the freedom to question the familiar and improve on it. You’ll quickly take on responsibility and become a valued point of contact for colleagues and customers.

Respect between equals.

Being creative means appreciating diversity. We also live that in the team. With your personality and your skills, you are most welcome. Instead of rigid hierarchies, you can expect respect, camaraderie and appreciation from us. Look forward to working in an inspiring atmosphere with a motivational performance culture.

Your workplace.

Based in Muensterland, Germany.
Projects in Europe.

Brumann has been based in Muensterland for almost 150 years. But our passion for creating unforgettable hotels brings us projects from all over Europe – Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Stockholm, Sylt – with new cities and projects constantly being added. Depending on your job, you may be working in Ascheberg or, at times, at project locations.

Are you looking for quality of work and quality of life? Apply for a job with us.

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Do you have a passion for exceptional hotels and want to feel enthusiastic about your work? Then please apply!

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